Documentation for the OWL family of devices

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OWL patches in C++ can use objects from the DaisySP library directly. While it was written to run on Daisy platform, there’s nothing preventing compatibility with OWL patches in its code.

DaisySP patch structure

Integrating DaisySP into an OWL patch takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Import main library header by adding #include "daisysp.h"

  2. Import libray namespace into current patch with using namespace daisysp; statement

  3. Add required objects as patch members. It’s also possible to use object pointer and create objects dynamically in constructor to delay memory allocation.

  4. Call each object’s ::Init() method in patch constructor. Most objects require passing sample rate, so it becomes something like object.Init(getSampleRate());

  5. Update object parameters with object.Set*() calls inside your patch’s processAudio(...) method

  6. Generate object audio by calling object.Process(...); inside a for-loop once for every sample.

Example patch

Filthy kick shows how to use all of the above.