Documentation for the OWL family of devices

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Maximilian OWL Patches

OpenWare supports compiling and running Maximilian patches.


The easiest way to run Maximilian code on an OWL device is to use our online compiler. Go to the patch library and, if necessary, create an account. Then click on My Patches, Create patch, and upload the .cpp file that your patch is in. Make sure to specify Compilation type maximilian, and select the correct Main File (this should be your main .cpp file).

You can also compile Maximilian patches offline using OwlProgram. For details on using OwlProgram, see the project readme.

Inputs and Outputs

Input Parameters

We have introduced the maxiParam object to allow easy control of patch parameters. Simply declare a maxiParam instead of a double, and use it the same way. It will then be automatically assigned to an OWL parameter. By default the value range is 0 to 1.0, and the given parameter name is “A”, “B” et c. This can be changed in the setup() function like so:

maxiParam freq; // declare the parameter

void setup() {
    freq.minValue = 20;
    freq.maxValue = 2000; = "Frequency";
    freq = 440; // set initial value

Within the code the maxiParam can be used just like a double, because it overloads the (double) cast and assignment operators.


Known Bugs and Limitations