Documentation for the OWL family of devices

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Getting Started with your OWL Modular


The MiniPwr adaptor should be plugged in to the power connector at the back of your OWL Modular. Make sure that the side marked -12v is facing down. Connect the power lead to the adaptor, with the red stripe of the cable facing down. Connect the other end to your modular power supply, with the red stripe facing the -12v marking on your PSU. Note that the OWL Modular with MiniPwr adaptor does not require +5v from your PSU. Fix your OWL Modular into your rack with the supplied mounting screws. If your rack does not have M3 threads you will need to provide your own screws, or contact us to have some sent out. When you power the rack on, the LED in the middle of your OWL Modular should turn green. You do not need to connect the USB cable to use the OWL Modular.


When the OWL Modular is powered on, it starts the first factory patch: Jot Reverb. Turn the top four knobs to adjust the A, B, C and D parameters of the patch. Connect a CV input into A, B, C or D and turn up the modulation with the second row of knobs. Connect a CV input into the EXP input to control the E parameter. To change patch, press and hold down the LED pushbutton for about 3 seconds until the LED flashes. Turn the A knob to select from 5 banks of patches. Turn the B knob to select from 8 patches in each bank. As you turn either knob, each step toggles the LED between green and red. Ensure that no CV input is connected to parameters A or B while you are changing patches, or things will get very confusing. The reverse page has a list of installed patches and their parameters.

To get updates, patches and to join our online OWL community please visit the website. For support, email us: info at rebeltech dot org

Have fun!