Documentation for the OWL family of devices

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Getting Started with your OWL Pedal


The OWL Pedal has connections for stereo audio in (right side) and out (left side), and an expression pedal input (bottom right) on 1⁄4” jacks. Connections on the rear of the unit are for DC power supply and for micro USB. The OWL Pedal can be powered from USB or via 9v DC power supply. For optimal performance, we recommend using a 9v DC power supply, centre negative, providing at least 500mA. Daisy chaining the power supply with other pedals is not recommended. There are 6 controls on the pedal:


When the OWL Pedal is powered on, it starts the first factory patch: Jot Reverb. Turn the top four knobs to adjust the A, B, C and D parameters of the patch. Connect an expression pedal to the expression pedal input to control the E parameter. The reverse page has a list of 40 installed patches and their parameters. The last four in the list are user programmable patch slots. To change patch, press and hold down the LED pushbutton for about 3 seconds until the LED flashes. Turn the A knob to select from 5 banks of patches. Turn the B knob to select from 8 patches in each bank. As you turn either knob, each step toggles the LED between green and red. Our website has a patch library with several dozen additional patches which can be easily loaded onto the pedal.

To get updates, patches and to join our online OWL community please visit the website. For support, email us: info at rebeltech dot org

Have fun!