Documentation for the OWL family of devices

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List of supported Pure Data objects.

< << <= == > >=
>> | || - -~ !=
/ /~ * *~ & &&
% + +~ abs abs~ adc~
atan atan2 b bang bendin bendout
biquad~ bng bp~ catch~ change clip
clip~ cnv cos cos~ cpole~ ctlin
ctlout czero~ czero_rev~ dac~ dbtopow dbtopow~
dbtorms dbtorms~ declare del delay delread~
delwrite~ div env~ exp exp~ f
float floatatom ftom ftom~ hip~ hradio
hsl i inlet inlet~ int line
line~ loadbang log lop~ makenote max
max~ metro min min~ mod moses
mtof mtof~ nbx noise~ notein noteout
osc~ outlet outlet~ pack pgmin pgmout
phasor~ pipe poly pow pow~ powtodb
powtodb~ print q8_rsqrt~ q8_sqrt~ r r~
random receive receive~ rmstodb rmstodb~ route
rpole~ rsqrt~ rzero~ rzero_rev~ s s~
samphold~ samplerate~ sel select send send~
sig~ sin snapshot~ spigot sqrt sqrt~
swap symbol symbolatom t table tabosc4~
tabplay~ tabread tabread~ tabread4~ tabwrite tabwrite~
tan tgl throw~ timer touchin touchout
trigger unpack until vcf~ vd~ vradio
vsl wrap wrap~